Please list any medications, disabilities and/or food allergies: (Any child/children with medical conditions identified per their application, will be reviewed by our medical advisory team)

In case of medical emergency, Academy of the Arts staff is authorized to take my child to urgent care or arrange for transportation to the hospital for emergency care.

I hereby grant and assign The How BIG Is Your Dream?! Foundation the non-exclusive right and permission to re-use, publish, re-publish, modify, and otherwise reproduce, and display in any and all media, for any purpose whatsoever, without compensation to the child, parents, guardians, or teacher, the use of my child's photo in connection with my or their participation in the How Big Is Your Dream Programming. I, being the parent or guardian of the above-named minor(s), hereby consent to the forgoing waiver and release and consent on behalf of said minor(s).
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The use of the provided Blue Light Glasses are optional. We provide these in order for your student-artist to avoid eye fatigue. The symptoms of digital eye strain are linked to how we use our digital devices not so much as to the blue light the comes from digital devises. Researchers agree that blue light from LED devices like smartphones or laptops hold back the body’s production of sleep-inducing melatonin. Blue light blocking glasses can aid in a better nights’ rest.
The American Academy of Ophthalmology also recommends taking these steps:
Adjust your seat, or the position of your computer, so your eyes are about 25 inches from the screen. Position the screen so you’re gazing slightly downward.
Use a matte screen filter on the screen to reduce glare.
Use artificial tears when your eyes feel dry.
Pay attention to the lighting in the room where you work. You might try increasing your screen contrast.
If you wear contact lenses, give your eyes a break by wearing glasses now and then.
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I understand that I am being informed in writing by checking the box below this acknowledgement, that this program is not licensed and is not required to be licensed by the state.


We will not let any child leave with anyone unless that person’s name is on this permission list.   

If for some reason someone who is not on this list must pick up your child, you must send written permission.  (A telephone call is not acceptable.)   Furthermore, individuals picking up your child will have to present proper ID prior to pick up.


  • Registration Only (Blue Light Glasses & Academy T-Shirt)

  • Registration & First Week Tuition

  • Registration & First TWO Weeks Tuition

  • Registration & 6 weeks Tuition


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